The Uses of Woven Labels & Printed Fabric Labels

woven label usesWhether you produce, hand-knit or sell clothing or crafts, creating your own personal label is the best way to inexpensively advertise. There are many varieties of labels to suit every need, and we can provide them all.

Woven labels can be sewn on, ironed on, or even manufactured with a peel and stick backing. These labels can be attached to virtually any fabric, ranging from silk to leather and everything in between.

Woven Labels are most commonly used as clothing tags, which are sewn into seams, the back of collars or into hems. These tags commonly contain two things: your company's logo/branding information as well as necessary information about the garment itself. This necessary information most often contains the size of the garment (ex. S, XL, 12) as well as care information (ex. machine wash cold, dry clean only, ect). Most clothing tags also display the type of fabric the garment is made from (ex. 95% cotton, 5% spandex), as well as where the garment was made (ex. Made in the USA).

There are hundreds of other uses for a woven or fabric label. See some common examples below


labels for clothing
labels for jeans
labels for jackets and coats
labels for socks
Everyday Clothing
Jackets & Coats
labels for footwear
labels for slippers
labels for bathrobes
labels for lingerie
Slippers & House Shoes
Lingerie & Sleepwear
labels for hats and scarves
labels for winter accessories
labels for swimwear
labels for backpacks
Hats & Scarves
Winter Accessories
labels for camping gear
labels for bathroom accessories
labels for kitchen accessories
labels for purses and pocket books
Camping Gear
Bathroom Accessories
Kitchen Accessories
Purses & Pocketbooks
labels for bags and carying cases
labels for mobile phone cases
labels for lunch boxes and bags
labels for baby bibs
Bags & Carrying Cases
Mobile Phone Cases
Lunch Boxes & Bags
Baby Bibs

Woven Labels can be produced in just about any color and design possible. They are the perfect finishing touch for your apparel and accessories. So let us design for you a beautiful, one-of-a-kind label that will be worn or displayed with pride!